Available for Android phones and iPhones
Sign into app with Google Sign-in, Facebook signing, Apple ID sign-in (on iPhones) or by verified email
Customization of your apps with your logo, signup page image and color scheme used in the app
List with hotel properties in the group on the home page Plus selection of promotion to display in the banner on top
On the hotel property-specific pages hotel information such as location, opening times, and room deals along with room booking interface are displayed as well as a list with outlets in the property.
On the outlet-specific pages outlet information, along with opening times and outlet promotions are displayed.
On hotel and outlet pages points can be collected and redeemed.
Each hotel and outlet has a specific authorization code which needs to be entered by staff in order to redeem and collect points
Audit trail: when collecting points a receipt number can optionally be entered by the staff member authorizing the collection of points and when redeeming points a redemption code is generated which can be entered in your billing system.
Listing of one or more images of the property on the hotel page
Listing of room deals on hotel page
Link with your website to book room deals, and displaying relevant discount code
CMS in which images can be uploaded to be displayed in the app, along with texts and color schemes
Listing of outlet deals on outlet pages
Availability dates: for all promotions availability dates must be specified, only when a deal is valid it will be displayed in the app
Multi-currency: different currencies can be assigned to different hotel properties, impacting the points collection ratio in the respective currencies
Users can check their points balance, and points collection and redemption history, along with amount spent, hotel or outlet where the point were collected or redeemed
Collection of email, first name and surname of all customers and optionally phone number
Web frontend allows for customer data and collection and redemption reports to be produced and downloaded in csv format
Multi-language: users can specify the language to be used in the app. This will determine the language of the app interface as well as the language in which your content is displayed (provided you have made the content available in that language; if not it will be displayed in the default language instead). Support for non-Latin scripts: Arabic and Russian
Ability to send push notifications to your customers
Set up different points collection ratio by outlet and/or hotel