General Questions FAQ

How can I find out how many loyalty points were collected and redeemed?

The web front-end we offer provides for collection and redemption details by customer, period and outlet. Moreover, receipt numbers are tracked when collecting points (if entered). Data can be exported to Excel and analyzed further.

I want to offer the app to my customers, where do I start?

- Download the app from the App Store or Play Store.

- Email us for the authorization codes you need to use in the demo app.

- Test it out and if you like it subscribe and we will customize the app for your hotel so you can offer your own loyalty program to your customers.

How long does it take to go live with my app?

We will have the app ready to go live in a week after receiving your logo, house-style font and colors, as well as the headline and descriptions you want to use for the app store listings. Of course you also need to upload the images and descriptions of the hotels, outlets and deals to the CMS in order to display content in the app.

Can I terminate the subscription any time?

Yes, when you terminate your subscription will expire at the end of the subscription period. Make sure you download the customer and transaction data before your subscription expires.

Why is it so cheap to have my own app?

Because the software is standardized and we have made rebranding and customizing really easy we have developed an efficient way to launch and maintain the apps, allowing us to keep costs down, while at the same time regularly releasing updates based on industry feedback.

Hotel App FAQ

How do I display our own rooms, outlets and specials in the app?

You will get access to a CMS (content management system) where you can upload your images and descriptions and set start expiration dates. Deals will only be shown in the app within the expiration dates.

Can the app be used for booking rooms?

The app allows you to display rooms and, if you want, discounts for your loyalty program's members along with a discount code. In the webfront end you can set up a link to your booking page on your website (or to a third party booking engine such as When the member clicks on the room then they will be redirected to your booking page. The app does not provide a booking engine itself as all bookings need to be in one place. We do provide an API that allows the booking requests to be posted to your booking system. Your developers will have to do the integration. Alternatively we can do the integration - for an additional fee.

Restaurant App FAQ

Is the app integrated with a POS system?

No. The app is a standalone application to record loyalty points and redeem loyalty points. The connection with the POS is a manual one. The receipt number would need to be entered when collecting points and the redemption code that is generated when redeeming points can be entered in your POS system along with the discount given. We provide API access though that enables you to integrate the loyalty app with your POS system. If you want to do the integration it will be at an additional charge.

Is the app suitable to be used in conjunction with deliveries?

No. The app is meant to be used for dine-in guests. Points are collected and redeemed in the same way that eg. The Entertainer processes discounts. When the bill is paid a member of staff is necessary to enter the bill amount in the app, using the customer's phone. Deliveries would require that points are collected at the moment of payment (which would usually happen online when the order is placed) and an integration with the ordering and payment system would be required. As the app is not integrated with this system out of the box and it is not a replacement for the ordering, billing and payment system the app is not suitable for this out of the box.