If you want to see some improvement in your business, make sure that the outcome of this marketing campaign is SMART. This means it should be specific, measurable, achievable or attainable time-wise and relevant for both parties – so think about what changes an intangible goal like “more loyalty” would actually cause on a tangible level before plunging into these tips.

Restaurants are always looking for ways to improve their customer service and the best way they can do that is by meeting customers’ needs in a timely manner. One of the easiest methods of doing this is with an app that allows them (the restaurant) to stay connected with its customers, give promotions or deals only available through said mobile application, keep track of who has redeemed what offers from date-to-date and easily locate nearby restaurants.

In the times of changes

The world of customer loyalty is changing. Digital marketing has led the way for more and more businesses to create customized rewards programs, which in turn leads to higher retention rates. A study by MarketingSherpa found that 26% of customers were not returning because they had no idea what type or level of reward would be offered upon redemption–timely alerts solve this problem!

The days of hunting through wallets for stamps are over! Digital Stamp cards make it easy to store and redeem rewards, no matter what you purchase. You’re always on the lookout for a new reward card from your favorite coffee shop or grocery store, but don’t have enough space in your wallet? With digital stamp cards there’s more room than ever before.

Physical card method

Paper loyalty cards are old but gold because they’re simple and effective. Simply hand out a card in-store, and every purchase will get the customer one stamp – after 5 purchases or so, you’ll have enough to get your next meal for free!

You may have heard that print cards are a messy alternative to modern rewards systems. It is true, they can be hard to keep track of and it’s not always easy for customers or business owners alike. However, you don’t need rock-solid data when you’re just starting out with the system! This way no one has an excuse not to start earning points today!

You might think that printing your own reward card would complicate matters more than simplify them but in actuality this old school method allows businesses big and small (with any budget) the opportunity to get started on their customer loyalty program without giving up what’s most important: simplifying things by making life easier from day 1. We recommend that if you are going to go this route, always collect email addresses as these cards will allow for communication of any additional special offers or updates.

Referral code

Businesses should offer rewards to both parties when promoting referrals. Customers are more likely to use a referral code if they know that there is potential for reward on either side of the equation, as opposed to one having all the power and control over who wins or loses points in an ongoing monthly prize draw. For example, people listen closely to what their friends have to say because it’s become common knowledge that you never want them angry with you!

Instead of a traditional, buy 10 get your next free type deal, you could offer a percentage cash-back that will go towards their following purchases instead. It has similar costs with this plan as well but offers an opportunity for customer loyalty by being able to redeem it on anything from tacos or enchiladas at different times – no matter what’s most convenient!

Savings are important

In order to maintain a loyal customer base, it’s important for restaurants and retailers alike to offer regular discounts. The amount of savings will depend on the individual: some people only redeem when they have free food available while others save up their credit or even wait until that coveted 10% off coupon appears in the mail before using them. Either way, you’ll end up with “regulars” who come back again and again just because your prices are so reasonable!

Social Media Influencers

Restaurants could reward their top social media influencers with a monthly deal. The people that share the best posts and encourage engagement around your restaurant on those channels can be eligible for this offer! For example, you might want to consider rewarding all of the people in your top ten friends who follow or like you most often on Facebook because they’re more likely than others to engage with other content from them too.

We’ve seen a number of variations on this type of program. This is when you encourage local residents and workers to dine in with you because they are more likely to come back for another round.

-When you set up your loyalty discount program, it is important to make sure all of the right people are receiving rewards for their patronage. For example, if someone comes in only once or twice a year and they receive something like 10% off on average purchases each visit then this will not be an effective way to reward them as much as other members who come frequently enough that we can give them between 15-20%. If there’s no point in giving discounts because some customers have never been seen before – you might want to consider different ways of rewarding those with regular attendance records such as providing one free soft drink per month.

Monitor the outcome

To make sure your loyalty program is a success, you need to take into account the POS system and how staff will interact with it. For example, if customers can get discounts or freebies without going through the proper channels (i.e., via their customer card), then your margins may be impacted in ways that are hard for us to predict at this point in time due to our lack of understanding on what kind of impact these “freebie” rewards might have upon future sales figures down the line; however minimal they may seem now! This means there’s also an additional risk involved when offering giveaways because some people either won’t play by rules or abuse them entirely – so watch out!

Your loyalty program is a great way to thank your most loyal customers. Whether they come in for lunch or dinner, people love saving money and what better way than through an exclusive club? However, if no one knows about it then you’re not getting the word out as you want to make sure that everyone hears of this awesome deal!


What better way to build a community than by sharing the stories of what your customers do with their freebies? This has the added benefit of letting your staff get to know some loyal and happy customers. Building this type of environment goes beyond business transactions and into building relationships that are more personal, which will help create an even stronger customer base in the long term!

It’s not just about making a sale

At the end of the day, all loyalty programs are about giving something back to customers. They need to feel appreciated and like their business is valued by merchants who understand that it’s not just about making a sale but also creating loyal customer relationships for years down the line. That’s why training staff on how best to implement these types of initiatives is so important because they’re going out into communities where people might already be hesitant or wary when dealing with businesses in general due to past experience.

No one likes feeling left behind; after all, companies wouldn’t offer rewards if there wasn’t an expectation you’ll return again soon enough! This means even more than handing over merchandise discounts at checkout time – employees must know what sorts of specials will

Bottom Line

It’s important to pay attention and listen when it comes to how well a promotion is working. Front-of-house staff may notice something you haven’t about the offer, so ask them their opinion on it if they are hesitant in pushing the deal or not interested at all.

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