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Point Your iPhone at Something You Like, and Amazon’s New App Buys It

Posted on 06 Feb 2014 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Amazon just keeps making it easier for you to buy everything on the web. If the company continues to have its way, you’ll never need to go to the store again. Today, Amazon is announcing a new feature inside its mobile shopping App that lets you scan items in your home using your smartphone’s camera and […]

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Most Companies Place High Value on Customer Engagement and Loyalty

Posted on 19 Jan 2014 in Loyaltier, Loyalty Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Mobile Payment, mPayment, mWallet, Push messages | 0 comments

According to the 2014 ICMI report, “Customer Experience Management in Action! Insight to Differentiate YOUR Company & Contact Center,” customer engagement and loyalty is an important priority to 92% of organizations. What’s more, the report reveals that 81% of companies recognize the correlation between the customer experience and loyalty. Customer experience management (CXM) is no longer […]

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Push Notification Impact Across Vertical Industries

Posted on 08 Dec 2013 in Mobile Marketing, Push messages | 0 comments

After delivering 100B push messages, Urban Airship releases its deepest push analytic report yet Few companies have devoted as much energy to the power of push messages asUrban Airship. The Portland, Oregon-based company, best known for its push messaging platform for apps, just recently sent out its 100 billionth push message a few weeks ago. So […]

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Study: Online Customers Prefer Mobile

Posted on 26 Oct 2013 in Loyaltier, Loyalty Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Mobile Payment | 0 comments

Mobile seems to be on the lips of nearly every marketer these days – and with good reason. Mobile is fast becoming the preferred ecommerce channel as seven out of 10 online consumers access multichannel retailers through a digital channel. Of those mobile shoppers, 30% prefer to use a smartphone or tablet. What’s more, according […]

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Mobile phones are changing the world of retail at a remarkable speed

Posted on 19 Oct 2013 in Loyaltier, Loyalty Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Mobile Payment, mPayment, mWallet | 0 comments

Mobile represents a fundamental shift in consumer behavior and retailers must move quickly to exploit it, says John Milliken   Mobile apps can now simulate checkout experiences and transfer money instantly. Photograph: Ben Phillips/VisMedia The retail industry is experiencing a revolution on a par with the introduction of plastic payments in the 1950s or the launch of the […]

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Global Customers Ready for Next-Generation Mobile Commerce Services

Posted on 08 Oct 2013 in Loyalty Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Mobile Payment, Uncategorized | 0 comments

More than 80% of global consumers are asking for more mobile interactions with banks, telcos, retailers, utilities, and other businesses according to a new study from SAP. While the findings indicate that consumers want more commerce services through mobile phones universally, the drivers or barriers to further adoption of mobile purchasing vary within different countries […]

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