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95% of smart phone owners have used a phone to locate a local business.
Isn’t it time your business is on the map?


Loyaltier is a B2B mCommerce and loyalty mobile solution that was launched on September 2012. Loyaltier has a multi-purpose, all programs in one, loyalty engine with a real-time content management system built using the Zend Framework. loyaltier uses several key coding practices that make the system both versatile and adaptable both as a loyalty application and as an e-commerce platform on mobile.
As an e-commerce platform, loyaltier allows for features including flexible product display options on iphone and android mobile phones, transaction options, branch locator, featured products, user accounts and loyalty programs, product categorization and discount and promotion rules and many more.
Loyaltier is very powerful and yet intuitive when it comes to presenting your products. You can easily create your products catalog and manage it. You can add more than one images for the same product, review the product and Share it on social networks. You can easily add new products, do batch product update, manage your inventory, easily manage orders and shipments, and integrate different payment methods.
With it’s back-end, Real-time customers statistics shows you instantly how your loyalty program is doing, helps you to track the growth of your customers numbers in different segments. See how many customers are participating and coming back.
If you are in retail  and you deal with clients, no matter of your business type, whether it is hotel, coffee shop, football club, restaurant, spa, gym or even a single super market, you can implement loyaltier in your business as your branding,marketing and loyalty solution! letting your customers have your product catalog or food menu in their mobile and be able to order from their mobile, earn points or stamp on their purchases and redeem their discount, vouchers and is a complete mobile eCommerce  solution for all retail business.  Loyaltier give you a all-in-one customer and content management secure engine with a multi-channel registration and management process enabling you to give your customers choice and convenience!
With Loyaltier,Now it is easy to stay connected to customers, reward your regular customers, create incentives to bring back new ones with special offers, and turn local customers into loyal ones.





Build Your Own App

Big brands build their own apps , they don’t share their customers database with others. Build your own App and make it part of your own branding tools instead of sharing others in exchange with your customer database.

Mobile Marketing Tools

Loyaltier is not only a loyalty engine but also a mobile marketing engine. you can easily target and select any range of your clients and send your company news, offers, deals, birthday messages, notifications and promotions.

1/1 Relationship

With Loyaltier you own contact information for the customers who join your program. Your customer contact information lives in your Loyaltier dashboard and you can use it to send emails and Push notifications directly from your custom, online portal.

Mobile or Plastic Card

Your customers have the option of using your loyalty program on their smartphone through the free Loyaltier app, or sticking with your old traditional plastic card system. they can also use SMS to earn and redeem their rewards if they don’t use smartphone.

ALL Programs in One

No matter what your program are, Purchase based, frequency based or purchase slab based,we offer full array of loyalty solutions. Loyaltier has punch card, points, discount, customer tiering, vouchers and hybrid systems and many more.

Increase Sales

A loyalty program from Loyaltier incentivizes your customers to spend more with each visit. On average, loyalty programs increase sales by 8%.

Gain Loyal Customers

A business with a loyalty program from Loyaltier has an average of 75 customers enrolled in their program. Those people will think of your business first when making a buying decision and shop with you more often.

+ Shopping Frequency

If your customers shop just one more time each month you stand to increase revenue. A loyalty program from Loyaltier prompts customers to shop more often to earn rewards and redeem valuable offers in your store.


Loyaltier comes with a lot of amazing useful features, all in one platform! From Loyalty and mCommerce to social interactions and powerful administration tools.
With Loyaltier,Now it is easy to stay connected to customers, reward your regular customers, create incentives to bring back new ones with special offers, and turn occasional customers into loyal ones.

Mobile Shop

Loyaltier includes complete mobile version e-shop with all inclusive features. A powerful back end to add or edit any of your products in a flash. Your clients don’t need to look for product catalog or food menu to order, they have the menu in their hand.

Customer Segmentation

Loyaltier’s tiering system allows you to turn your local customers to loyal. offering additional privileges or benefits on higher tiers, will motivate your clients to turn into your loyal customers.

Watch Your Business

Your Loyaltier dashboard provides online access to your customer contact, earned and redeemed rewards status and outstanding points balance. With Loyaltier you can see the return on your investment in real digits, diagrams and statistics.

Customize yourself

Loyaltier allows merchants to customize their loyalty program according to their needs. you can customize every single part of your program and application by yourself.


With the Map & List view interactive map, your customers would find you on the go! Having Direction to your branch and ability to call the branch right from the branch profile.

Social Sharing

Loyaltier is integrated with the top known social sharing platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. You can simply share your favorite product, visited branch or loyalty activity.

Push Notifications

With Loyaltier, you can send a Push Notification to your desired group of customers. A great marketing tool to keep your customers notified and stay connected with them.

Customers Statistic

Real-time customers statistics shows you instantly how your loyalty program is doing, helps you to track the growth of your customers numbers in different segments. See how many customers are participating and coming back.

Customer Feedback

loyaltier identifies each customer by Picture, name and tier , so your staff can make everyone feel at home. private customer feedback keeps your customers in touch with your business and lets you address complaints before they become public.


The total loyalty solution in your hands. By Loyaltier you can earn and redeem points, stamps and coupons. It gives your customers the smart loyalty cart and profile with amazing interactive functionalists with your loyal customers.

Check In

Your customers can check-in your branches or stores which enable you to track your branch performances and increase the accuracy of your loyalty application.

Featured Product page

You can manage the application home screen simply by adding your featured products and services right in the start of the application using Loyaltier CMS.



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Loyaltier is an outstanding loyalty based eCommerce mobile app according to its features. Take advantage of our competitive rates and place your order today for a unique mobile application for your retail business.

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